Geo-Specific Marketing definition as defined by ClientScout-e-Marketing.Agency is the entire process of: market research, product selction, pricing, promotion, and distribution for a geographically specific location, and target audience. Geo-Specific Marketing is the crafting, and activation of promotional material designed for the sole purpose of exchanging currency in a specific geographical location. Geo-Specific Marketing  uses a three tear pricing system, and showcases business offers highlighting the features, advantages, and benifits in order to draw interest for their clientele, and the genral population in a geographically specific location.


Client Scout e-Marketing Agency

Victoria-BC.Today, Toronto-On.Today, and Ottawa-On.Today are the first Geo-Specific Marketing Subdivisions of Client Scout e-Marketing Agency

Victoria-BC.Today "Find What You'er Looking For"
Toronto-On.Today "Empowerment Through Knowledge"
Ottawa-On.Today "Know What's Out There"

Follow these 6 Easy Steps to market your Business, Products, services, or Political Ideologies in a Geo-specific market

step 1.)

Click the start button to Begin the process

step 2.)

Select the city you wish to market in

step 4.)

Choose your ad campaign layout

step 5.)

Tell Us About Your: Business, Product, Service, or Political Ideology that you desire to Market today

step 6.)

Confirm, and Purchase Your New ad campaign

*** Please Note ***

It may take 3 to 5 business days for your new ad campaign to appear in your selected city. your 30 day billing cycle will not start until your ad campaign is up, and running

step 3.)

Choose your ad campaign Type:

Information, weather, Job Postings

business buzz, or curio cars